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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps / Exhausters

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps / Exhausters

INDOVAC Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are positive displacement type, the shaft mounted multibladed impeller is located eccentrically in the stator. It is supported by antifrictional bearing at bearing housing on either ends. Service liquid is introduced in to the pump through the control valve. Due to the Rotation of the eccentrically mounted multibladed impeller, service liquid thrown towards the periphery of the stator, thus forming a sealant ring. The service liquid functions as a sealant and coolant as well. In this continuous operation suction cycle is initiated.


Distillation, Devapourising, Drying, Pneumatic Conveying, Degreasing, Sterilization, Concentration of Solvents-Exhausting, Textile Industries etc.

Available in Capacity :

  • Free air displacement : 18 - 2000 m3/hr
  • Vacuum : 40 - 50 M bar single stage & 40 - 70 M bar (Max) double stage
  • Power Required : 1 - 150 HP
  • Rating : Continuous
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